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GCU Online - our internet banking solution
Once enrolled, in addition to convenient access and electronic statements, experience complete control with;

Bill Pay - Never write a check again. Pay your bills from the comfort of your own home.

Pop Money - Send money to friends and family via text or email.

My Money - Create a budget, and track your spending habits for savings opportunities.

GCU Mobile Banking (Mobiliti) If you are already enrolled in GCU Online Banking, you can also have control of your banking while on the go with our mobile banking application.

Click here - for directions on downloading and installing

A User ID and Password are required to login to our services. Services are provided through a secure connection. If you have difficulty logging in please check our FAQ, click the Forgot your password link, call General Credit Union at 260.471.5544, toll free 800.889.5554, or email us at gcu@gencu.org -DO NOT send personal identifying information (i.e. Acct #, SS #, etc) in your email.
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